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Commissariat for contributions, transformations, mergers and benefits

A unique know-how.

Our firm has professionals who have developed, in recent years, an expertise in the field of contribution commissioning, transformation, mergers and special benefits.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Our individual Commissariat missions are carried out within the framework of our professional standards, using a structured work file, with the greatest respect for legal deadlines and the planned schedule.

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Organization of the mission

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • Organization of a preparatory meeting prior to the planned transaction.

  • Understanding of the strategic issues and the economic logic justifying the operation.

  • Review of the request that will be filed with the Commercial Court for the appointment of the contribution, merger and / or special benefits auditor (s). Note that in case of unanimity of the partners, we can be appointed without the agreement of the Commercial Court.

Implementation of due diligence following our appointment

  • Establishment of contact with the various stakeholders (Executives, Financial Department, Statutory Auditor, shareholders and / or investors, Lawyers).

  • Establishment of financial intervention terms and a provisional timetable.

  • Collection of legal data.

  • Collection of accounting and financial data in order to assess the valuation.

Partenaires d'affaires au travail


  • Review of all audits carried out (financial, commercial, etc.).

  • Understanding and relevance of the business plan.

  • Independent review and validation of the different valuation methods.

  • Implementation of alternative valuation methods

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