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A unique know-how.

AC&T supports you in France and internationally whatever your status, subsidiary, SME / SMI, association, liberal professional ...

Of course, drawing up your annual accounts is compulsory. It is also a mine of advice to develop
your structure

Our knowledge of the issues, sectors and economic players provides you with unparalleled expertise in the three locations of our group.

Our objective is to help SMEs, SMIs, companies, associations ...
It is characterized by support: in the management and improvement of performance, exceptional events: setting up of an information system, external growth .... And of course in accounting / taxation.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with the most competent expert: accountant, specialist in sector valuation, transmission.

Our accounting firm based in Paris supports its clients in all operations of the life of the company and the application of legislative and regulatory measures.

An accountant at your service!

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The missions of our accountants are very diverse:

  • hold, monitor and stop your compatability,

  • review and appreciate it,

  • attest to its regularity and sincerity.

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The implementation of controls adapted to the accounting of your structure, the main guarantee of the quality of our firm, in compliance with professional accounting standards, allows us to ensure the regularity and sincerity of your accounts.

Accounting is not our only area of intervention, we can also support you on the following subjects:

  • funding assistance,

  • business valuation,

  • implementation of management tools, legal secretariat,

  • preparation of pay slips,

  • legal missions to works councils,

  • export advice,

  • preparation of tax returns and assistance in the event of a tax audit,

  • administrative reorganization (IT, personnel management, recruitment) ...

Our accountants provide support at each stage of the life of your structure and in all economic sectors: companies, associations, public sector, agricultural sector, individuals, etc.

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ACT advises and assists you in your strategic choices and in their operational implementation.

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  • Accounting and tax compliance

  • Bookkeeping and resumption of accounts on our tools.

  • Preparation of tax returns and deadlines.

  • Preparation of group financial statements and reports.

  • Calculation and review of deferred taxes.

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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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